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15 Content Ideas for Small Businesses.

Constantly coming up with social media content can feel overwhelming. Now you can steal my list for top 15 content ideas for small businesses!

  1. Introduce yourself- it's true, the internet loves selfies. Post a selfie and let your following know who you are!

  2. Post your facebook and google reviews- it's proven that people trust the opinions of complete strangers online. Post your reviews on a regular basis!

  3. Infographics- share your knowledge through a compelling infographic to prove to potential customers that you know what you are talking about!

  4. A day in the life- Reels and TikToks are what's hot right now. Share a short video of what your life as a business owner looks like on an average day.

  5. Show your work- whether you do hair, construction or real estate you can always post your work on social media to show your audience what you can do!

  6. Inspirational posts- who doesn't love a little inspiration?

  7. Community related news and events- chances are as a small business you rely heavily on your local community. Connect with the local community by sharing relevant information, news and events!

  8. Call to actions- make sure you are frequently talking about the services or products you offer and always end the post with a CTA!

  9. Milestones and achievements- whether you just celebrated your businesses one year anniversary or you are winning a prestigious award, you should share these things with your audience on social media!

  10. Sales and Promotions- share sales and promotions on your social media to generate leads and push sales.

  11. New products and services- keep your audience up to date on all things your business offers.

  12. Giveaways and Contests- post giveaways and contests to bring attention to your social media and increase brand awareness!

  13. Get personal- your audience wants to feel like they know you! Share bits and pieces of your life so that your audience feels connected.

  14. User generated content- with permission share images of your customers using your products or services!

  15. Behind the scenes- this is similar to "a day in the life" but will focus only on what you do at work!

Save this blog for next time you are stuck on what to post. Still need help with social media? You can reach out to me at

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