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Why You Absolutely Needs a Social Media Strategy

You absolutely need a social media strategy plan. Point blank. Boom.

If you don't have a strategy it's time to get one. Like yesterday. Posting on social media with the intent to make sales without a strategy, is like driving your car with no map, or GPS... or gas...

A great social media plan means: more sales, better content and less time on social media.

A great social media strategy plan should:

- analyze what you are currently doing right and wrong

- explain in detail who your target audience is and how to find them online

- set clear business goals

- assign exact content pillars designed for your specific target audience (what content does your audience really WANT to see?)

- set content guidelines and a branding technique to create an aesthetic and professional looking online presence.

- place engagement guidelines to encourage growth and a larger reach (no more random liking and commenting hoping it will help you grow!)

- #1 Most Important Thing a Social Media Strategy Needs To Do Is To Elevate You Above Your Competition.

A social media strategy will help you cut out all of the unnecessary mumbo-jumbo, and to focus solely on what is going to increase your sales and brand awareness.

You can't get anywhere without any gas. You can't make sales on social media without a plan.

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